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Service & Maintenance

The HotChilly Service & Maintenance division will ensure your system continues to run efficiently and to its specified capabilities by carrying out regular maintenance checks. HotChilly is also the only mechanical company within New Zealand to have completed and passed Automated Logic Web Ctrl V4 training under the supervision of BAS.  

HotChilly - Service & Maintenance of heat pumps and air conditioning in wellington
HotChilly - Service & Maintenance of heat pumps and air conditioning in wellington
HotChilly - Service & Maintenance of heat pumps and air conditioning in wellington
HotChilly - Service & Maintenance of heat pumps and air conditioning in wellington

Commercial Service & Maintenance 

Routine maintenance is important to ensure that the equipment and systems installed run as per their design and capacity. HotChilly will design a maintenance package to suit the needs of your system, as the number of visits per year and the labour will vary for each building. As well as an individually designed package the service division offers:

  • monthly automated task scheduling and written reports detailing any
  • trained service technicians who are available on request to provide any technical
    advice and urgent fault diagnosis and assistance 24/7 
  • the option to provide and service a remote link capability for building management
    systems if and where appropriate
  • in-house HVAC and design engineers that also provide support and back up where necessary

Regular maintenance of your system ensures that:

  • your building complies with the building act
  • your system continues to run efficiently and to specified capabilities
  • any potential problems are spotted in advance
  • service call-outs and sudden malfunctions are minimised
  • occupants experience a year round controlled environment 

HotChillys 24/7 rapid response means just that! If you have a problem with your commercial HVAC system you can contact them at any time of the day or night.


Automated Logic Training                                        

HotChilly have completed and passed Automated Logic Web Control V4 training under the supervision of Building Automation Systems (BAS).

HotChilly is the ONLY mechanical company within New Zealand to have acquired this achievement.

What this means to HotChilly
  • We can confidently offer our customers a competent service package to run their Automated Logic BMS
  • Because we have a special arrangement with Building Automation Systems (BAS), we can provide fast solutions to control problems
  • By operating the BMS we can adjust and tweak parameters to suit required conditions for efficient control
  • In conjunction with BAS, we are now in a position to offer further enhancements to the BMS with Automated Logic's new Environmental Index and Energy Reporting packages at no further software cost
  • Understanding the capabilities of the BMS we can now address the next step for energy efficiency - BMS lighting control
What this means to our customers
  • Our customers can be inspired with confidence that they have a mechanical company who has been specifically trained to operate their system
  • Control problems are fixed on the spot
  • With the above Energy Management strategies in place your building will be comfortable while consuming less energy
  • Why pay other companies to carry out Energy Audits when HotChilly will be carrying out the strategies using the power of your ALC BMS
  • HotChilly will work with you to acquire Green Star ratings for your building. Tenants want environmentally sustainable, healthy and productive workspaces that demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Green buildings consistently outperform non-green buildings in terms of comfort and productivity. Natural light, fresh air and access to views of the outdoors, as well as control over individual workspace temperature and lighting, directly affects productivity
  • Landlords in Australia and New Zealand are now offering a range of 'green leases' with varying levels of environmental performance and this accordingly translates into lease pricing


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HotChilly - Service & Maintenance of heat pumps and air conditioning in wellington

Residential Service & Maintenance

HotChilly will remind you when your annual service is due. They will check & clean the condensate drain, the drain outlets, tighten electrical connections and check for leaks. They will also test the overall operation of your Heat Pump to ensure that it is operating as per its design and capacity. A clean unit will keep your Heat Pump running efficiently and prevent musty odors being emitted.

HotChillys annual servicing will also ensure that you preserve the warranty conditions of your new product (manufacturer warranties are valid for 5 years).

If you have any problems with your Heat Pump call HotChilly on 0800 HOT 111. 


If you have not heard from HotChilly for a while or want to be put on the dirty service list, email your details through today! 

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