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Commercial Portfolio

HotChilly focus on work in the greater Wellington Region but in some cases maintain nationwide contracts with key clients.
Below are some examples of HotChillys commercial projects and a HOT video of commercial projects completed.


Name: ACC – Hamilton
Completed: 2006
Approximate Value: $1,200,000.00

About: In 2005 ACC built a new 4000 sqm call centre in Te Rapa Hamilton. HotChilly carried out the full design and build of the mechanical services required for this project which included fresh air systems, toilet extract systems and a Mitsubishi Electric VRF City Multi System incorporating heat recovery. This system consisted of 53 indoor ducted units and 12 outdoor units, all communicating together and operating as one system. HotChilly still maintain this site with a regular maintenance contract. HotChilly also look after the servicing for ACCs Wellington office.



HotChilly Commercial Portfolio - ACC Hamilton  HotChilly Commercial Portfolio - ACC Hamilton

Name: Victoria University - Wellington
Completed: 2009
Approximate Value: $500,000.00

About: HotChilly carried out a major chiller replacement at Victoria University in Wellington. HotChilly de-commissioned the previous chiller and replaced it with a 1500kW Power Pax Chiller, circulating pumps, synthetic reticulation pipework system, integration with existing systems and cooling tower. The cooling tower was secured to the rooftop with a structural steel support constructed by HotChilly. Pre-pipe fabrication for the chiller was essential to accommodate for the two week completion deadline once the equipment was shut down.



HotChilly - Commercial Portfolio Victoria University   HotChilly Commercial Portfolio - Victoria University

Name: D4/The Custom House – Wellington
To be completed: 2010
Approximate Value: $3,800,000.00

About: HotChilly has installed a chilled beam system complete with heat pump chillers with heat recovery (for chilled and hot water), circulating pumps, distribution ductwork, various extract systems and fresh air supply in the new customhouse development. This development is also a Green Star Project making the energy efficiency of product installed of high importance.



HotChilly - Commercial Portfolio D4/The Custom House   HotChilly - Commercial Portfolio D4/The Custom House

Name: Telstra Clear
Completed: 2008
Approximate Value: $490,000.00

About: HotChilly installed air conditioning and process coolers into various Telstra Clear sites in the Wellington area. One of the larger projects was completed at the Telstra Clear site in Seaview – known as Tardis. This project was completed in an operating computer data centre. As HotChilly originally built their reputation around data call centres, they understood the sensitive nature of this project. This was the latest in a number of projects carried out in this building over the past 15 years. All the ducting for the return air systems were built by HotChillys in-house manufacturing division.



HotChilly - Commercial Portfolio TelstraClear   HotChilly - Commercial Portfolio TelstraClear

Name: Patent 326 Apartments – Wellington
Completed: 2009
Approximate Value: $300,000.00

About: This Project is comprised of three different buildings, Semaphore 30 Apartments, Helmsman 7 Apartments, and Navigator 6 Apartments. HotChilly pre piped and pre wired all 43 apartments with 14 of these being a full install fitted with Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps. HotChilly also installed mechanical services, fresh air, toilet extract, and kitchen extract systems.



HotChilly - Commercial Portfolio Patent 326 Apartments   HotChilly - Commercial Portfolio Patent 326 Apartments

Name: Aorangi House
Completed: 2009
Approximate Value: $1,800,000.00

About: Aorangi House is a Green Star Project making energy efficiency one of the buildings main priorities. HotChilly installed a mixed mode air conditioning system where comfort cooling is provided by manual and automatic opening windows and an automated extract system. A Mitsubishi Electric VRF City Multi system is provided for all 11 floors when the internal conditions allow the system to run. A BMS system starts/stops and monitors equipment and conditions via air quality sensors, internal/external temperatures and weather station. HotChilly needed to ensure a high standard for completion of the total mechanical services as almost 80% was exposed in an office environment.



HotChilly - Commercial Portfolio Aorangi House   HotChilly - Commercial Portfolio Aorangi House

Name: Willis Central/Telecom House 
Completed: 2011
Approximate Value: $15,000,000.00

About: This development is a Green Star Project, making energy efficiency a key priority. HotChilly installed a system consisting of over 1350 chilled beams, 3 substantial air handlers, 3 boilers, 30 pumps, 2 x 1000 kW air cooled chillers with de-superheaters and 1 x 500 kW heat pump chiller, a VRV refrigerant system for over 200 ducted fan coil units with 16 outdoor units and a condenser water system for process coolers (up to 50) to suit the tenants computer/data rooms. HotChilly installed a variety of extract systems to suit the tenancy requirements and provided fully designed coordinated services in Revit 3D drawings for this project.



HotChilly - Commercial Portfolio Telecom House   HotChilly - Commercial Portfolio Telecom House

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Telstra Clear
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Wellington Zoo
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